Welcome to Week 1 – intro to the course

Course Outline

Concept Development is a workshop that facilitates creative strategies in the research, development and production of creative projects. The ability to take an idea from inspiration to fruition is one of the key components of a successful music industry career. Today, musicians, fans of musicians and potential fans have access to an ever-growing array of media resources and new technologies. While this sheer breadth and depth can be daunting, if approached from a creative perspective, online tools can be harnessed in powerful ways for research, collaboration and production.

This subject will help explore ways to identify the creative goals you want to achieve, develop effective research strategies, understand how to achieve these goals, and communicate about your project to peers and audiences. Extending from 2009’s Concept Development, in 2010 we will introduce HTML & web design skills, enhance project management skills, emphasise engagement with networks, before during and after the production process and broaden critical analysis of new technologies, media and networks.

Course outcomes:

  • Students will gain a broad understanding of and skills in a range of multimedia and online content authoring and creation including HTML skills for simple site building, general online competency, facilitating discussion with web professionals
  • An understanding of networks & social media: ethics, implications, creative capacities
  • Strategies for approaching and harnessing new technology
  • Developing research skills and critical approaches to the web, communication, creativity and professional development
  • Understanding context and community: where do you fit into the creative landscape?
  • Taking virtual elements into real space: identifying and seizing opportunities to take your online projects into the ‘real world’
  • Broadening creative skills and lateral approaches using the three Cs: conversation, creation, collaboration


  • Ongoing: Participation (online and in-class – blog posts, links, comments, research and peer feedback)
  • Week 6: Work-in-progress outline and presentations of your Creative Project
  • Week 13: Creative Project & Final Assignments due

Work-in-progress outline

This will be presented in week 6 and will include (at minimum):

a basic ‘pitch’ or short paragraph which succinctly outlines what your project is, why it is interesting and include a basic HTML page for the project which you have built. Also on this page include a production timeline for the rest of the semester (eg. further research and engagement with social/online networks)

(Part A) Creative Project / (Part B) Final Assessment

Online creative project and accompanying written essay.

A) During this semester you will explore, research, plan and develop a creative project with a significant online presence. This project must include:

  • Self-produced audio and video
  • Multiple HTML pages hosted on RMIT web server
  • A layered and considered approach to how the site’s text, photos, audio and video fit together
  • Significant use of Creative Commons media files
  • Links to your own blog posts illustrating the process behind the end result
  • Connections / links / engagements with several different and relevant sites and networks
  • Documentation (photos, video, audio, blog posts) of work in progress
  • Support material and background development (similar to extras content on DVDs)

B) Accompanying written essay (2000 words) should outline:

  • Your creative rationale / artist statement: what makes you tick? What’s the context of what you do? Where do you fit into the lineage of the music community locally and internationally? What are you trying to communicate with your writing/music/business?
  • A succinct explanation of your Creative Project and the ideas behind it – its overall merits and a critical discussion of aspects which you feel have succeeded and others which have been less successful
  • An explanation of how the viewer can more meaningfully explore your project once they first land on your project page
  • A description of the multiple strategies employed for engaging specific audiences and networks
  • Evidence of relevant academic research, including a bibliography with a minimum of 6 strong references (eg. a book, online publication or interview, not just a link to wikipedia)

Due by end of semester, date TBC by emailing full URL for your Creative Project to your tutor.


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