Week 4: HTML continued + Design Principles

This week, Sean continues to explore the finer points of HTML formatting and uploading. In addition, we will look at basic principles in design, photography and visual composition so that in the coming weeks,  you can apply some of these approaches to the design and layout of your HTML projects. But how does a musician or someone who work predominantly with recording, marketing or writing about sound know where to start visually?

Representing music:

Let’s start with some examples of musicians making visual art/design, and visual artists/designers making music.

Dylan Martorell (Melb) is an artist and musician, and has been working commercially as an illustrator for about four years. His music and art practice frequently intersect and merge together, where drawings evolve into ideas for music which evolve into ideas for performances which evolve into ideas for drawings and so on. He describes his style as ‘fourth world psych exotica,’ a magpie junkyard aesthetic clearly influenced by his travels in North Africa, South East Asia, Japan and Mexico. He has worked for Tokion, Vitra, Nieves and the New York Times. He is originally from Scotland, where he was exposed to sub zero temperatures and unacceptable levels of tooth decay. Fortunately he is in Australia now, where dental care is readily available and the weather is fine (from Jacky Winter).

Yoko Ono (born Japan 1933, lives NYC) is an artist, musician and activist. A conceptual and performance artist, Ono’s work explores themes of gender, peace, violence, philosophy and human emotion.


Using Artpad, Sumopaint or Photoshop, create a simple drawing or visual representation inspired by a song, musician or musical movement.

Design and Visual Principles

As with all things in life, rules of design and visual principles are not steadfast, but you must know the rules in order to break them.

It’s helpful to look at the work of photographers to see how they capture visual and design principles. Take a look at the work of German photographer Michael Wolf and Beijing artist Liu Bolin. What do you notice about these images?

Now research design principles (scale, proportion, unity, balance, direction/perspective, and focal point) and concepts such as composition, the rule of thirds and colour theory and apply these to the work of Wolf and Bolin – do they follow the rules? Have a look at this Art, Design and Visual Thinking guide from Cornell University.

Applying design and visual principles to the web

As you start transferring these ideas to your own web projects, have a look at these links: colour in web design and web design principles, basics of good navigation.


~ by eugerino on March 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Week 4: HTML continued + Design Principles”

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  2. […] been doing further research into some basic design concepts.I mostly used the links provided on Eugenia’s blog and then tried to put the ideas into practice. I either took some quick photos with a digital […]

  3. Hi Eugina,
    Last week, when you were in discussing design principles and the like in Sean’s class, I could’ve sworn there was a link on your site to an American photographer who had a portfolio of shots taken in Mississippi. Mississippi was in the title. There was a beautiful photo of the house Johnny Cash was born in that I wanted to write about, but for the life of me I can’t find the link. I can’t figure out how I came across it if there wasn’t a link to the site on your site. Have you removed anything?

  4. Eugenia – sorry I got your name wrong last comment.

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