Week 8: audio + image / embedding audio + video

As we reach the end of semester, many of you will want to know more about custom embedding audio and video into your sites. HTML guru Sean will take you through tips and tricks for integrating audio and video into your HTML sites.

For the rest of the class, let’s delve deeper into sound and image:

– in live performance
– in video/film

The Illusion of Sound in Film/Moving Image

Let’s refer to that veritable bible of Film Sound. Here, let’s look at this succinct diagram and explanation of ‘sound illusion’ by Sven E. Carlsson. Carlsson tells us that:

  • In real life, sound and image are perceived as one
  • In media production, sound and image are separated
  • thus, new possibilities for ‘reassociating’ images and sounds
  • back in the movie theatre, TV screen or laptop, image and sound are made ‘one’ again  – an illusion because sound and image sources are actually separate

Case Study: Mary Poppins versus Scary Mary

The Original 1964 Disney Trailer for Mary Poppins
Soundtrack by Irwin Kostal

‘Scary Mary’ edit by Chris Rule (2006)
Over 10 millions views on You Tube

What can we notice about the impact emotionally, psychologically of the updated edit? How can we apply these ideas to your audio remixes or the way in which you visually represent your music?

Thriller Acapella

An homage to MJ’s Thriller by the seriously dedicated Francois Macre:

Creative Approaches to Audio and Image:

Case Study #1:
Benjamin Ducroz (MELB)

Benjamin is a local Melbourne artist and motion graphics designer whose kinetic work is a good example of a considered and sophisticated approach to sound and image across many forms: in video, motion graphics, installation and live performances. Let’s look at his website
and discuss his Showreel and installation work 1:1.


  • Creative approaches to videos or imagery for your band/production/label. Thinking beyond the traditional video clip of the band.
  • Installation: considering space and audience in a gallery context
  • Collaboration: working with friends or seeking out visual artists. Some sites to check out:
  • Noise online: Australian-based international community of artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, writers under the age of 30
  • Australian InFront: Similar to above but not age restrictive

Case Study #2:
The Light Surgeons

Formed in 1995 and based in the UK, The Light Surgeons work across film, TV, motion graphics, live performance and installation. They are specialists in creating multi-layered and immersive audio-visual works and have exhibited and performed internationally.

Let’s look at a recent live AV performance the Z-axis. Z-axis draws from King Vidor’s 1949 film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s seminal book ‘The Fountainhead



  • Creative approach to live performance: how to think beyond ‘the laptop’ or ‘the band’ or bland visuals
  • Narrative: creating a story across time and space, thinking about a performance as a ‘whole’ and giving it a beginning/middle/end
  • Reinterpretation: of audio and of image – possibilities for adding new meaning/context to your music through visuals

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